Customer feature: How Front eliminated slow manual processes with Pima

November 16, 2022
2 mins

At Pima, we don’t pretend to be a large, complex platform. Quite the opposite, our tool is simple and easy to use. We pride ourselves on being an accessible, easy-to-adopt solution that then makes life exponentially easier for our customers. That’s part of why the team at Front chose us to help them with their sales and customer support processes. Here’s a closer look at how they came to that decision.

What is Front?

Front is a B2B software provider that offers a customer communication hub for businesses in various industries. The software allows companies to more effectively with their customers, making work email a collaborative experience for anyone that communicates with customers. 

What problem were they trying to solve? 

As an enterprise software provider, Front quickly realized that they needed to be compliant with SOC 2 to be more competitive in their marketplace. Once they achieved compliance, however, they came across another stumbling block. 

Each time a potential customer asked for the SOC 2 report, the team had to go through a clunky, manual process to get it to them. They had to send over an NDA with the right details and names, get it signed, and only then manually watermark and share the report. This manual approach meant that there were delays in the procurement process and things would fall through the cracks — not ideal. 

To mitigate these concerns, Front was looking for a solution that could automate the process and allow them to share their SOC 2 report — and any other confidential documents — securely. They started by exploring contract sharing solutions, but most of these lacked the document sharing capabilities they needed. Then they came across Pima. With Pima, they had a solution that covered all the bases, it combined the e-signature and access tracking, alongside simple watermarking features — all through a secure portal.

How Pima helped

The team at Front started by using Pima exclusively for sharing their SOC 2 report, but quickly expanded their usage, with 15 different users across sales and support teams. Now, any time a client wants to know more about their proprietary infrastructure and policies, or if a prospect needs a certificate of insurance, they use Pima. 

“It's been smooth sailing since the day we set it up. The feedback from users at the company is very positive. It's a simple tool that achieves what we need. There is not a lot of clutter, things make sense. The important features are there: watermarking, sending, and activity tracking.”  — Nelson Cheung, previously Security Operations Lead, Front. 

Pima has also proven valuable to the sales engineering staff: they can remain independent and easily share documents with prospects that have security questions. Plus, the visibility feature ensures that Front knows who has accessed a document.

Today, what was once an extended and cumbersome manual process takes just five minutes, and that means that sales processes are faster and team members can focus more time on their core capabilities. 

The second benefit, one that’s just as important, is that the team has peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about the report getting forwarded to people who haven’t signed the NDA, and it removes the burden of compliance from specific individuals. 

Lastly, much like we saw in the CircleCI story, using Pima speeds up the NDA signing process, as people don’t have to spend time downloading a pdf, signing it, and sending it back by email. does more to streamline procurement processes by facilitating NDA signing — learn more about how we do it.

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